How It Works?

The solar panels that will be installed at the roof of your building can change sunlight directly to electricity. Every day, from sun rise to sun set, the solar panel converts the sunlight (photons) into electrons of direct current ("DC") electricity.

The electrons flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical safety devices. The inverter converts that "DC" power into alternating current or "AC" power. AC power is the kind of electrical that is used in your house to run you television, computer, and Air-Conditioning system.

A net energy meter, which will be provided by the Electricity Company in replacement of your standard energy meter, keeps track of all the power your solar system produces. Any solar energy that you do not use simultaneous with production will go back into the electrical grid through this meter which can read the power sent back to the grid (reverse direction).

At night or on cloudy days, when your system is not producing more than your building needs, you will consume electricity from the grid as normal. Your utility provided (Electricity Company) will bill you for the "net" consumption for any given billing period and provide you with a credit for any excess during a given period. If the system produce more that you consume in a certain month, the balance credit will be carried forward to the next month. You can carry your bill credit forward for up to a year.